We Are All Scientists / Todos Somos Cientificos

Introduce your little ones to Dr. Ochoa’s galaxy – and how there are little scientists within the atmosphere!

In the first in series, Dr. Ochoa’s Stellar World, of STEAM concept board books, We Are All Scientists / Todos somos científicos, Dr. Ellen Ochoa explores how children have an innate drive for discovery. Science is all around us, and children are born with a keen desire to explore, making them natural scientists.

From learning physics by juggling and grasping biology through observing a nest of fledglings, this book inspires young readers to embrace the fact that the world is their very own scientific playground. It’s true that all our little ones are born scientists, and this series is just the place to start to power their minds.

Parents will adore this bilingual English-Spanish board book that specifies the different ways science is involved in almost all our little ones' daily activities. This educational book serves as a blueprint to the ways your little one can explore the world, they live in.

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