Buying in Vegas...

February 06, 2018

Buying in Vegas...

Vegas. Not my favorite place to visit (sorry to all you Vegas lovers) but the last few times I have gone I figured out how to do Vegas MY WAY! Obviously my first priority is buying for the shop but when I travel for business I love to explore and partake in what the city has to offer. I had been hearing good things about this show and so I decided to break my regular routine of buying trips and try this one. I slotted 4 days for the show and quickly found I didn't need that much time. Better safe than sorry. So, my trip turned into work, play and a little rest.

 W O R K .


Wednesday morning came and I woke up, ordered room service and quickly decided to play hooky for the day. I did "a little" work from bed and then spent the day at the spa. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots.
Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, heated stone bed and a two hour hot stone massage.

R E S T .

I was a bit of a hermit during this trip but I did make it out to have a little night!  
I went to Javier's  bar to have dinner and drinks. I ended up sitting next to the bass player from the band TRAIN.
This is why I love traveling.
Put your phones down and start a conversation with the person next to you.

P L A Y .

 I think it was a good decision but I really did miss my NY show!
But I will be back and I will be staying at the Vdara Hotel and Spa whenever I do!

  Until next time...

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