'Opihi Pareo Coverup

Capture the ethereal beauty of a Hawaiian sunset with our 'Opihi pareo. Featuring a layered pattern of 'opihi shells, this design showcases the soft pink and rose hues of the sky as the sun dips below the horizon.

This print is a reminder of the simplicity of Hawai’i living. As one of the many parts that make up Hawaii's unique and beautiful culture, ‘opihi remind us of times spent at the beach with friends, family, and the ocean. ‘Opihi endure the powerful crush of the surf and cling to the rocks on the shore to stay in place. Their story has always been one of endurance, and ‘opihi remind us to do what they do best — stay grounded!

  • Made from 100% soft spun Rayon
  • Hand wash cold, hang to dry
  • 67” x 43"
  • Designed in Kailua, HI

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