Love Wax Seal Stamp

A sentiment to celebrate and acknowledge love. Celebrate loved ones on a marriage, engagement or anniversary. A lot of brides use this wax seal stamp for different aspects of their wedding. The love design is hand lettered, digitalized, then etched into the brass stamp face. 

  • Hand lettered love design 
  • Rosewood handle
  • 2.5 cm stamp face

How to Use a Wax Seal Stamp: 

  1. Gather supplies needed: wax seal stamp, wax sealing spoon, sealing wax, candle or wax glue gun
  2. Melt sealing wax in one of three ways; wax beads, wickless wax sticks, wax glue gun sticks
  3. Pour hot wax onto project surface
  4. Press wax seal stamp into hot melted wax, allow wax to cool* (approx. 15 seconds)
  5. Remove wax seal stamp to reveal final design 

*if wax seal stamp sticks to wax, let cool for longer to allow wax to completely set

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