First and Second Corinthians: Hardcover

A personal and focused rumination on what it looks like to live a life of faith healthily and maturely. Written like a series of small essays, Corinthians addresses topics from leadership, to division and unity in worship gatherings, to sexual relations, to interacting with food sacrificed for idols. At its core, Paul is helping Christians in Corinth let go of the more harmful and destructive parts of their culture—and urging them to fully experience the new type of life Jesus is offering. It is an invitation for all of us to be humans of generosity—seeking humility over status, and living fully into the good and beautiful life Jesus intends for everyone.

156 pages, hardcover, perfect bound, and printed in full color on uncoated paper in Canada.
The dimensions are 7.75 in x 9.75 in. NLT translation.
Gray cloth cover with silver foil and dust jacket.

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