Mint Mojito Candle

Mint  | Pineapple | Juniper

Savor the invigorating aroma of a Mint Mojito as you illuminate this enchanting candle. Allow it to transport you to a tropical haven, where the refreshing notes of mint, pineapple, and juniper engage in a delightful dance of olfactory delight.

Introducing the Prohibition Nights Illumination Project. This exclusive candle assortment does more than just brighten your room; it tantalizes your senses and tickles your taste buds. These candles are inspired by specialty cocktails, and come with a recipe featuring Crater Lake Distillery for when your candle runs dry... just clean out your candle remnants and use as a rocks glass!

Our soy candles are hand-poured with 100% U.S.-grown soybean wax, cotton core wicks, and fine fragrance oils. Our candles are always vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free. 

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