Aromatic Savory Salts

Citrus + Fennel: A fresh and light combination of oven-dried citrus peel and fragrant fennel seeds are laced with flat salt crystals imported from Europe. Use the salts on chicken, fish, or vegetables to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your table. Comes in a WECK canning jar.

Wild Oregano + Sage: Wild oregano and crushed sage leaves add flavor to European flat crystal salt as a seasoning on potato salad, pizzette, grilled or roasted chicken, and fresh vegetables from the garden. Sprinkle some on Foccacia bread or in EVOO as a savory bread dipping sauce.

Italian Calendula + Chive: European flat crystal salts are flavored with sweet pot marigold (calendula) and aromatic chive for a delicate aromatic blend. Works wonderfully with eggs, in Foccacia loaves, or pair with chicken for a distinctive combination.

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