NSS (also known as) the National Stationery Show never disappoints! Especially the weeks leading up to the show. The amount of beautiful and creative mail I receive is overwhelming. I look forward to it every year. We all love snail mail and during this time I am blessed with an... [read on]

Small Business Saturday

Thank You to everyone who came
to support us on
Small Business Saturday!
I always feel such support
from all of my customers.
I do it all for you!


UNCVRD trunk show

UNCVRD jewelry came out for our second "Give Back Saturday" event. This special jewelry line donates 40% of their profits to fight against human trafficking. She has a heart of gold and I feel blessed to be able... [read on]

Give Back Saturdays

My Dad came out for our first "Give Back Saturday" event!
I have always been a firm believer in giving back to the community that surrounds me and
Precious Lamb Preschool has always been an organization close to my heart.... [read on]

Women supporting women. That's what this evening was all about. Sometimes we feel like no one understands. Sometimes we feel alone in our endeavors. Some days we wonder if what we are doing is worth it. Well, this was NOT one... [read on]

Launch Party

The Launch Party for Bluewindows.net was a blast!
I can't believe we are finally up and running. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our new venture! You are all so appreciated and I couldn't do what I do without all of you!

... [read on]

NSS in new york...

NSS is my favorite show.
Here are my top 10 reasons why:


1. The stationery. 
2. I become inspired.
3. I get to meet incredible people.
4. Paper Party.
5. I feel no stress. 
6. I get to look at... [read on]

NSS mail...

I am headed to New York for the National Stationery Show "aka" NSS. This is my third time going to this show and for some reason this year I am the most excited. Spring in New York AND buying great stationery products. Heaven. There are many perks of my job... [read on]


After a year of planning, creating and figuring out the tiniest of details we are finally going ONLINE! Design ideas, products, photos, descriptions, custom fonts, blog, events, about us and every detail in between!This process has been a new one for me. I have to admit I feel... [read on]

My Decade of Blue Windows

September 1, 2004 — September 1, 2014


I could NOT have done any of this with­out the love and sup­port of my par­ents. I know that is gen­er­ally what peo­ple say but when you’ve actu­ally expe­ri­enced the process it com­pletely takes on... [read on]

When I first had this idea for a spring win­dow dis­play I knew it would be a project that would take some time. However, it wasn’t until I was in the mid­dle of the project that I said over and... [read on]

New York in the winter…

Black and Gold…

Be Merry and Bright…

This win­dow was inspired by Rifle... [read on]

DIY: gold lights

a day in the life…

a day in the life…

Everyone needs a “soul day” every now and then. Today was one of those for­tu­nate days when mix­ing busi­ness and plea­sure became sim­ply plea­sure. This is not the case all the time but today was cer­tainly... [read on]

FALL windows…


... [read on]

New York…

Precious Lamb has always been an orga­ni­za­tion that is close to my heart. I feel blessed to own a bou­tique in this com­mu­nity and will always sup­port orga­ni­za­tions like this one as long as I am open for... [read on]

I received so many beau­ti­ful and cre­ative invi­ta­tions from card ven­dors for the National Stationary Show in NYC made it too hard to resist this year!
Attending this show last minute was the best deci­sion I could have made.... [read on]

my mom…


40 in Paris…

My adven­ture begins…

The first night I arrived in Paris I received my room key…40!

... [read on]

denim brunch…

 Our first pri­vate event was a suc­cess!
We closed the store to the pub­lic and had an “invi­ta­tion only” denim brunch.
We thought this would help to edu­cate us as buy­ers on what our cus­tomers
are look­ing... [read on]

Trunk Show…


... [read on]

[read on]